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Soil and Water Conservation District



The Mauna Kea Soil and Water Conservation District (MKSWCD), established in 1955, is one of 16 conservation districts formally established under Chapter 180, Hawaii Revised Statutes.  The District encompasses 730,460 acres, or 1141.343 square miles, spanning from Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea to the northernmost tip of the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Five Directors administer the district programs, three elected by local agricultural operators and two appointed by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.  Other interested people serve as associate directors, with no voting power.  Click here for information on contacting the directors or other MKSWCD personnel.

One of the District’s primary functions is to review and approve conservation plans on agricultural lands. The District also assists with the implementation of the County grading ordinance and the State’s polluted runoff control program.The program takes available technical, financial and educational resources, whatever their sources, and focuses them to meet the needs of the local land users for the conservation of soil, water and other related environmental resources.

The District is also active in a wide variety of related areas, including;

  • watershed planning
  • flood prevention
  • reforestation
  • polluted runoff control
  • wildlife habitat preservation
  • conservation education
  • youth work

One of the Districts biggest current endeavors is the Waiulaula Watershed Management Project.